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William Yeoward Crystal debuts new advert for Fall 2014

Above is William Yeoward Crystal’s new advertisement (or “advert” in the British vernacular) for Fall 2014.  Sophisticated and stately, it features a mix of new pieces and classics from the Crystal Collection.  

The new introductions include the Harlequine Centerpiece, also seen here:

As well as the Adele 11” Sphere Vase which is pictured on the buffet in the background, with white flowers.  Here is a closer look at this piece:

The “classics” include the ever-popular Anita 13” Candlesticks, also available in an 11” size, as seen together here:

Also in the background on the buffet are a pair of Pearl Hurricane Shades. Here is an image of one of these Shades:

We hope you love this new image as much as we do.  We are looking forward to a fabulous Fall!

WYC does NY NOW!

We had a fantastic, exceptionally busy NY NOW show (we still all call it “The Gift Show” - old habits die hard).  As always, we did our best to complement our gorgeous crystal and glass vases and gift pieces with beautiful flowers, and for this show we “branched” out more than usual with magnolia branches, pine boughs, fruits and berries in the mix.

New pieces such as the Arianna Vase, the Ottoline Centerpieces, and the Cristina Vases are flanked by striking green Xenia vases filled with Magnolia branches.  

We often uses lillies to show off a large vase or centerpiece - this time in the Caprice Table Centerpiece.

They’re back!  The Isadora Pineapples have returned in the 19” and 26” sizes, with either silver or gold leaves.

Below is the Atalanta barware on the left-hand side of the table.  On the floor, there is a new Olympia 7-piece stemware gift set that comes in a handsome wooden box.

The new Classic Platinum Frames are seen at the front of the table below.  The Annette Vase is holding the magnolia branches and red berries in the background.

We are going nuts for the new Classic Footed Centerpiece in two sizes, seen below.  Pictured behind and on the right is the Georgian Decanter.

We’ve added a fabulous oversized mirror and festive bar cart to our American Bar area.  So fun!!

Here is a table set with Garland pieces from the Country Collection - we’re feeling ready for the Holiday Season!

Serena Jug at home in Southampton

Kelli Ford and Kirsten Fitzgibbons, partners in the Kirsten Kelli design firm based in Dallas (and long-time fans of William Yeoward Crystal!) have brought a bright, fresh look to Kelli’s home in Southampton.  The combination of fun colors and traditional furnishings creates an oasis of “relaxation, happiness, and peace” for Ford and her family.

Below on the porch, a Serena Jug by William Yeoward Crystal holds what appears to be some ice-cold pink lemonade.  The beverage, as well as the setting, are inviting and refreshing!

Here is the lovely Serena Jug pictured solo: 

Olive Cream Jug helps complete a “European Classic” kitchen


William Yeoward Crystal's Olive Cream Jug is featured in the July/August issue of Veranda, as part of a “get the look” feature around the theme of a “European Classic” kitchen, as inspired by a kitchen restored and updated in a chateau in Normandy by designer Andrew Allfree.


Below is the Olive Cream Jug by itself - classic and elegant, but the thumbprint pattern adds a touch of whimsy.


This pattern is also available in the Olive Comport (or Compote, as most Yanks call it), seen below.  With a generous bowl, it’s perfect for ice cream, sorbet or even a cold soup.  Traditional, yet fresh and fun!


Food & Wine Cocktails book and William Yeoward Crystal - part 2

As promised, dear readers, I am back with part two of Food & Wine’s Cocktails 2014, with more of William Yeoward Crystal's beautiful, functional barware and stemware containing some delectable cocktails!

Above is the Davina High Ball (HB) Tumbler holding a Prior’s Fix, which is apparently a nice drink to have the morning after a night of too much drinking.  This scotch and soda based drink is just what the doctor ordered!

Below is the Davina HB Tumbler - simply elegant, with panels near the bottom of the glass.

Made with rye whiskey and elderflower liqueur, the Cooper’s Cocktail looks sophisticated in the Eleanor Champagne Coupe, seen above.  

Below is the Eleanor Coupe - note the interesting stem and lovely engraving reminiscent of wheat.  As with many of our patterns, Eleanor is based on an antique original that hasn’t been introduced in over a century.

Above is the Bunny Double-Old Fashioned (DOF) Tumbler containing the Grand-Fashioned, made with Grand Marnier and blood orange wedges. Look at that dramatic color!

Below is the Bunny DOF pictured without a drink.  Bunny is one of William Yeoward Crystal’s classic patterns, bringing the grand elegance of the Georgian Era to today’s dining table and home bar. 

Last but certainly not least is the vibrant and refreshing vodka-based Hibiscus Punch, which is one of the “Big-Batch Drinks” suitable to make ahead for parties and celebrations.  It looks so lovely in our Vita DOF Tumbler - the purple plays with the cutting on the bottom of the glass, making it look like a glamorous jewel.

Below is the Vita DOF - fill it with your favorite colored cocktail to make a “bejeweled” drink of your own!

WYC in Food & Wines Cocktails 2014 - Part 1

Food & Wine's annual celebration of all things cocktail is once again on newsstands.  We are big fans of these fun annual guides - they are full of fun new twists on classic cocktails and the photos are always great to look at!  William Yeoward Crystal barware and stemware features prominently in this edition.  In fact, there are so many great drinks in our glasses that I’m limiting this post to vodka-based drinks.  There will be a Part 2 to follow with more great images.  Let’s take a look at some of our glasses filled with delicious-looking libations!

Above is a Camilla Highball Tumbler containing a Roof Garden, which features sprigs of mint and thyme.  Maybe it’s “thyme” to try one!  See the Camilla Highball below, with a pretty floral pattern cut into it.

Above is one of my personal favorites, the Eleanor DOF (double old-fashioned) Tumbler, with an scrumptious-looking strawberry-based drink, the Strawberry Caipiroska. Below you can see the cutting on the great-looking Eleanor DOF.

Above is the Fern Champagne Coupe, holding the Vieux Blanc, a vodka drink based on the classic Vieux Carre cocktail.  This is proof positive that coupes are great for cocktails as well as Champagne!  Below, see our classic Fern pattern cut into this beautifully shaped coupe.

Come back for more in part 2! Cheers!

Tabletop Show - flowers galore!

At long last, here are the photos of the Showroom dressed up for Tabletop Market with flower arrangements!

We used a lot of red & white, since the larger retailers are focused a season ahead and already have visions of Holiday 2014 dancing in their heads.  




However, we couldn’t resist mixing in some Spring beauties - lilacs, dogwood blossoms and pussy willows made an appearance, as did a dramatic dark purple Lenten rose. 


Here is a showstopping arrangement - spirea, roses and lilies in an Annette Vase.  Really stunning!




Below in the fore front is the Lenten rose mentioned earlier.  The name Lenten rose was coined because it flowers in the early spring, during the period of Lent.  Thanks to Clark Bohorfoush for identifying it for us!  During the same week as Tabletop Market, I spotted a similar Lenten rose blooming in Madison Square Park, right next to 41 Madison.



Boxwood placemats give a fun spring/summer feeling to the table below, even though the red and green color scheme evokes Holiday time.  It’s a table for all seasons!


Going up “scale” with Athena in NY Spaces

 William Yeoward Crystal's Athena Champagne Jug is featured in the “scale” section of ”The Goods”, a semiannual issue of NY Spaces geared toward design professionals.  ”Scale” is all about items that are unusually big or small, short or tall, etc.  In the Athena Jug’s case, it’s all about being tall, lean and extraordinarily elegant!

In addition to being a strikingly beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the Athena Champagne Jug also serves a practical purpose.  In the 19th Century, it became common practice in England to decant Champagne to allow a bit of the effervescence to dissipate prior to serving the bubbly. Due to its tall, narrow shape, the Athena Jug allows for a little, but not too much, dissipation to occur.  

Not just for Champagne, the Athena Jug is perfect for serving colorful cocktails with dramatic flair.   Here is a photo of an Athena Jug dressed up with a red cocktail for the Christmas season (from December 2011 issue, Southern Lady), but it could just as easily be used to serve colorful margaritas or cosmos in the summer!

'flower' Magazine's fabulous lobby display for April TT

flower Magazine made its debut as the sponsor and decorator of the 41 Madison lobby during the April Tabletop Show.  The flower team did a fantastic job, and we at William Yeoward Crystal were more than happy to support their efforts by loaning some of our pieces for their displays!

Here is the Atalanta Wine Cooler, chilling several bottles of Champagne for a celebratory toast.  On the tray beside Atalanta are several Helena Flutes.  

Below, I managed to capture this vignette in the early evening sunshine, which creates an even stronger illusion of bringing the outdoors inside!

Below on the buffet, our jewel-toned Lulu Vodka Decanter and Tumbler Set, shown in Rose, brings yet another pop of color to an already cheerful setting.

Here is the Lulu set in a closer image.  So sweet and pretty!

Congratulations to Margot, Clark and the entire team.  Well done!!!

Fanny & Eleanor are “Dressed for Dinner” in Brides

Four fabulous designers at the forefront of fashion were asked by Brides to put together a “dream reception table”.  Carolina Herrera, whose designs are the epitome of timeless class and beauty, included two glasses by William Yeoward Crystal on her enchanting tablescape, Eleanor Wines and Fanny Goblets.

Below is a closer look at the table.  The Eleanor Wine is on the left, with the Fanny Goblet to its right.

Another closer look is pictured below.  The vines on the china and the bamboo handles of the flatware play with the wheat-like engraving on the Eleanor glasses to complete a setting that brings to mind an enchanting spring garden.  We love how Carolina incorporated the more ornate Eleanor Wine with the simpler and taller Fanny Goblet - William Yeoward himself is a big believer in mixing patterns on a table to make things more interesting!

The Eleanor Wine is pictured on the far left below with other glasses available in the pattern, including a Goblet, Tumbler and Coupe.

The Fanny Goblet is pictured below on the left, with the Wine and Champagne Flute.

Use these stems to create your own fantasy table setting!

Maggie Amber Goblets contribute to “A Piece of History” in AD

A gorgeous apartment in Burley on the Hill, a former country estate built in the early 1700’s a couple of hours north of London, is featured in the May issue of Architectural Digest.

One of just 6 apartments in the main house, this home includes the breathtakingly beautiful and grand Adam Room, which was formerly the dining hall of the estate, and is now used as a fabulous drawing room:

This large space is put to multiple uses, serving as a dining room as well, as seen below.  William Yeoward Crystal's Maggie Amber Goblets from the Country Collection, are perfectly at home in this very traditional setting.  The Maggie Amber Goblets play off of all of the other lovely colors in the room, and coordinate with the gilded gold mirror hung nearby.

Pictured below are the Maggie Amber and Amethyst Goblets - they are uncomplicated in shape and form, yet very lovely.  They are inspired by authentic Georgian-era antiques, but the simplicity of their design makes them equally at home in contemporary settings.

Bobby Flay’s Ginger Juleps

In the spirit of tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby, here is a story in the May issue of Food & Wine that reveals “Bobby Flay’s Kentucky”.  Flay, who owns thoroughbreds and sources bourbon in the Bluegrass State, serves up tantalizing barbecue and biscuits, which are perfectly complemented by his Ginger Juleps, served in William Yeoward Crystal's Gloria Old-Fashioned (or “OF”) Tumblers.

Gloria is the perfect pattern for evoking the history and celebration that goes hand-in-hand with the Derby.  Here is an image of the Gloria OF solo - this glass belongs in the Winner’s Circle!

Saint-Tropez for lunch, anyone?

Preeminent interior designer Penny Drue Baird uses William Yeoward Crystal's Olympia Burgundy & Bordeaux Glasses to set the stage for a Saint-Tropez inspired luncheon in the May issue of Traditional Home.

Pictured below is the Olympia stemware collection, a simple and elegant collection of stems for connisseurs of wines, Champagnes and brandies.

Here is the Olympia Bordeaux, which at 10.5” adds scale and grandeur to any occasion:

And here is the Olympia Burgundy, which is even taller at 11”:

Incorporate these stunning stems into your own tablescape.  They are lovely and allow for a generous pour!

William Yeoward Country items featured in ‘flower’

Items from William Yeoward Crystal’s Country Collection found their way into the pages of this month’s flower Magazine.

Below is the Garland Berry Bowl, but it’s not just for berries!  This little bowl is perfect for serving sorbet or ice cream, or even a cold soup.  It’s also a cute bowl for nuts, or even potpourri!

Here is the Garland Berry Bowl solo:

Our friend Michael Devine’s new book An Invitation to the Garden is featured in the “leafing through” section.  Our Amethyst Tumbler, also from the Country Collection, makes an appearance on his whimsical table set for Sunday brunch in the garden.

Below is a closer look at the tablescape…

…and here is the Amethyst Tumbler by itself.  It’s a lovely color and a beautiful shape, suitable for a variety of settings and occasions!

Our Gold Leaf Dishes shine on Darcy’s Desk in Martha Stewart Weddings


Darcy Miller, Editorial Director at Martha Stewart Weddings, advises brides to register for the beautiful things they fall in love with, then find ways to use them in everyday settings, such as your desk.

Darcy includes three of William Yeoward Crystal's porcelain Gold Leaf Dishes on the desk below, including (clockwise from top left) the Vine Leaf Dish, the Geranium 3” Leaf Dish and the Carine Dish.


Here’s a closer look at these dishes, used here in a fun and inventive way to hold stamps, paperclips and coins.


Below is a photo of the Vine Dish by itself.  This dish would be perfect to hold two or three decadent chocolate truffles, or to just set on a dining or coffee table as a pretty object.  How you use these dishes is all up to you!


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