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New WYC advert in the November issue of AD!


William Yeoward Crystal debuts another new advert in the November issue of Architectural Digest, just in time for readers to be in festive Holiday entertaining mode!


Here is a list of all of the products in this lovely ad:

  • 802782  Gabrielle 4-Branch Candelabra
  • 802781  Gabrielle 3-Branch Candelabra
  • 802767  Adele Spherical Vase (behind Gabrielle 3-Branch on left side)
  • 802766  Adele Vase 11.5” (on right side)
  • 802768  Adele Vase 5.5” (in front of taller Adele Vase)
  • 802733  Natasha Bottle Carafe (with red wine)
  • 802674  Georgina Large Carafe (behind Adele Vases)
  • 802778  Karen Footed Comport (holding cherries)
  • 805330  Sigrid Wine Cooler (with white lilies, center of photo)
  • 802729  Paula Salt Dish (in front of Sigrid)
  • 802658  Eleanor Wine Glasses
  • 802784  Nina Plate 5” (used as side plate)
  • 809114  Apseley Dinner Plates
  • 801359  Maple Gold Leaf Dishes
  • 811003  Dinner Knife and Fork from Brancaster 5-piece Place Setting in Silver Plate (also available in Sterling Silver)
  • 801052  Bunty Plate 6.75”

Flowers from the August Gift Show

The August Gift Show is nearing its end, so I wanted to share photos of the Showroom dressed up with flowers.  It has been a super-busy show, one of the busiest in many years. Thanks to all of our retailers who attended for making it such a success!

An Annnette Vase is filled with an arrangement of red roses, berries and Lamb’s Ear in the image below, flanked by other Anita Vases.  Our Limoges porcelain Gold Dishes fill the front of the table, setting a festive Holiday mood!


A table set with our Apseley China, Ruby Goblets and recently introduced Georgina Small and Large Goblets:


We often use a Cornelia Vase, seen below with the large arrangement, for flowers during shows.  The table settings are Giralda Dinner Plates with Rosemoor Chargers in Apple Green, accompanied by Eleanor Wines and Goblets.



A regal Allegra Centerpiece with a stack of Edwina Tazzas and some recently introduced pieces in the Inez pattern are seen below with our frames.


Here are some pieces in the new Garland pattern in William Yeoward’s Country Collection, along with some other Country pieces:


Below is the American Bar collection in a section along the wall, with pops of color from the Sophie vases to the right:


Here we used the Wisteria Footed Rose Bowl to showcase a flower that is normally on a long stem.  This piece comes with a flower frog, which allows the flowers to stand up in the bowl.  We cut the flowers from the stems, then trimmed some of the leaves off of the long stems to use in this arrangement.


And here is our Sigrid Champagne Cooler from the Country Collection, doing double-duty as a bucket vase holding white hydrangeas.


A glitzy, ritzy night at “21” with Bloomingdales and WYC

Bloomingdale’s 59th Street hosted a Registry event at the 21 Club near the end of April. Gatsby was the theme, and there was lots of glamour and glitz on the table!

From the William Yeoward Crystal collection, below is the Annette Vase filled with crabapple blossoms and calla lilies, which made for a striking centerpiece.


Annette, pictured below in the 16” height, also comes in 14” and 18” sizes.


Below is the pretty Corinne Champagne Coupe filled with pink Champagne.  Notice how the light catches the vertical optic pattern, creating lovely shadows on the table.  How glamourous!


Here is the Corinne Coupe, accompanied by the Corinne Martini and Corinne Hollow Flute.  There are many stemware and barware glasses to choose from in the Corinne pattern - see more here!  They are all part of William Yeoward Crystal’s beautiful yet affordable American Bar collection.


Finally, here are our Callista Decanter and Kathleen Bottle Stand, which is used here as a snack dish.  Both pieces are part of the Crystal collection.  They look so pretty together on that mirrored tray!


Below is the Kathleen Bottle Stand by itself.  These stands are traditionally used to hold a bottle, but the Kathleen Stand was used in a novel way at this event.


The Ultimate Dinner Party video!

Here is some fun footage from the Ultimate Dinner Party, hosted by Town & Country and Mrs. Lilien.  Click on the link below to watch the video!

Video by Ben Altarescu ( 

New stemware pattern: Anastasia

Anastasia is a beautiful, elegant pattern from our Crystal line.  These versatile glasses will work in settings from modern to traditional.  They are simply but gorgeously shaped with delicate cutting on the stems.

Below is a closer image of the large wine glass.

Pictured below is the adorable cocktail tumbler.  The antique on which this pattern is based is modeled after this glass, which has a lovely Georgian Star on its base.

Here is the Anastasia Cocktail Tumbler with a refreshing Green Park cocktail, from William’s latest book, William Yeoward’s American Bar.  It was made for William by Erick Lorincz at the American Bar at The Savory Hotel in London.

Below is the recipe for the Green Park, as well as an image of the original glass which had a cockerel pictured on it!

The Ultimate Dinner Party photos part 1: the setting

Flowers in 4 vibrant hues of yellow, pink, white and green made for a dazzling table at The Ultimate Dinner Party, co-hosted by Mrs. Lilien and Town & Country. All photos courtesy of the Billy Farrell Agency.

Below the Tatiana Hurricane is used to stunning floral effect!

Our Felicity Large Wine is cleverly used as a vase, while our Victoria Comport holds yummy sour Lemonheads below.

A colorful and whimisical “candy bar” was a hit with guests, bringing out the kid in everyone!  Our Salome Centerpiece and Penelope Centerpiece take center stage on this display.

Barware and stemware from the American Bar Collection decorate the bar area below.

Lots of gorgeous William Yeoward Crystal Vases and other items decorate the dinner table, including Inez Spherical Vases, pictured to the left with green roses.

Salome takes center stage again in the image below.  Also picture are the Kathleen Footed Flower Vase and the Dakota Carafe (from the American Bar Collection).

Our Althea Salt Dish is cleverly used to hold crayons below.

The reception/cocktail area, seen below.

Our Kathleen Footed Vase and Victoria Comport, holding MV’s Best Virginia Cocktail Fine Peanuts.

More photos to come!

More pics from Dining by Design

Here are some photos from the fabulous and eclectic table coordinated by the ingeniously creative designer, Alexa Stevenson (formerly of WYC!) for the New York Design Center for DIFFA’s Dining by Design Event in March.  The theme was “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, and all of the invited guests were famous icons (who also happen to be deceased!).  

Alexa coordinated the overall theme and booth design, while other designers worked on each place setting.  Three of the designers who collaborated with Alexa featured items from William Yeoward Crystal at their settings.  Our thanks goes out to Thomas Burak, West Chin and Robert Passal for featuring us!

Below is a setting from Thomas Burak, featuring our Camilla Stemware, Minna Goblet in Sapphire, Rosemoor Powder Blue Charger and Hidcote Sterling Silver.

The next image is of a setting by West Chin, featuring our Avington Charger and Dessert Plate in Peking Orange (we Americans refer to it as a “salad plate”, which only shows why the Brits have more fun!).

We were also featured in this setting by Robert Passal, featuring our Ruby Goblet and Helena Stemware.

What a show-stopper this table was!  Congrats to Alexa, Leah Blank from NYDC, and all the designers who collaborated on the place settings.

Best of Britain in Traditional Home!

Hostess Rachel Hollis sets a magical table for afternoon tea, complete with Pearl Large Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes

Here’s a close up of our stemware from the previous image…

… and here is the entire table and room set for high tea.  Traditional and very pretty!  Would you care for some fresh fruit and scones?

William’s latest book also gets a nice mention in the “New & Next” section.  After tea, make way for cocktails!

Monogram Mania in Martha Stewart Weddings

You can monogram many, many things, and what better time to do it than when you’re getting married?  Martha Stewart Weddings features our Claudia Bottle Decanter, monogrammed for that personal touch, along with many other fun monogram-ables such as pillows, coasters, even lighting fixtures!

Pictured below is the Claudia Decanter in two sizes: Magnum and Bottle.  These are great to engrave with initials, but images and messages can be engraved on them as well.

WYC in T&C!

Our vase ad looks stunning across from the Social Network: Weddings page in the May 2012 issue of Town & Country.  Love it!

New WYC Vase ad in ‘flower’ Magazine!

Here is our ad for William Yeoward Crystal, featuring our vases, across from Margot Shaw’s “watering can” letter to her readers!  We love that Margot thought our ad was so pretty that it ought to be across from her thoughts on timelessness.

Our Hortense placemats were also featured in the new tabletop section in ‘flower’ in this same issue!  They fit right in to the floral scheme with their abstract motif, which looks as if one is looking down on a blooming rose.

Serena shines in Elle Decor

William Yeoward Crystal’s classic Serena stands out from the crowd in this pitcher feature!

The sensational Serena Pitcher shines solo in the image below.

B. D. Jeffries’ delightful displays

B. D. Jeffries in Atlanta, GA sent us this image of their gorgeous display of our new American Bar collection.  Cocktails, anyone?

They also sent the image below of their lovely display of our Crystal.  Thanks Brad, Debbie and Sylvia!

Prince Charles presents the Dumfries House restoration in February’s AD

Prince Charles, who is described in this feature as “a tireless, and rather fearless, advocate of British heritage”, spear-headed the rescue and restoration of Dumfries House, an 18th-century villa in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Pictured below in the Pink Dining Room is a table set with William Yeoward Crystal’s Helena Stemware (Port/Sherry, Large Wine and Goblet) and Rose Goblet.  Our stemware looks perfect in this stately setting!

Below is a closer view of the table.  Pick up this month’s Architectural Digest to read more about this restoration and to see more gorgeous photos of Dumfries House.

Pictured below is the entire Helena suite, including the Champagne Flute.

Bubbly and Flowers in Martha Stewart Weddings

The Karen Champagne Bucket is featured in the “Celebrate with Champagne” story in the Winter 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  The Karen bucket acts as a vase for a gorgeous winter bouquet, pictured below.

Here is the Karen Champagne Bucket with a bottle of Champagne.  Cheers!


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